Sian Hodson Kilroy Microbiology Laboratory Assistant Brewing Technology team

Joined Cara: 2015

Qualifications: BSc Honours Biology, University of Portsmouth

Interests: Travelling, gymnastics, animals & science

Hometown: Epsom, UK

Located: Leatherhead, UK

My degree involved a whole variation of science topics, giving me experience in microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, marine biology, biodiversity and evolution, aquatic microbiology, biotechnology, coastal ecosystems, animal science and plant science. Within my three years of study I had the opportunity to take part in a biotechnology project, researching and selling the idea of incorporating norspermidine onto medical implants, such as pace makers. This would prevent biofilms forming and increasing the implants longevity and efficiency. Following on from that, my dissertation involved traveling to Cusuco National Park, Honduras for 6 weeks to undergo a study on endangered large mammal abundances and the effects of deforestation. This involved deploying camera traps at certain points across the forest to record video data of jaguars, pumas, margay cats, ocelots, Barid Tapirs and numerous species of deer. This gave me hands on experience of planning, organising and working on my own project and my results showed significant data that deforestation was disrupting the mammal’s abundances. Currently, I am now part of the Cara Technology team as a microbiology technician in the brewing technology department.

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