Cara Technology attend the SSG meeting at the IFST


Last week, Amy Voong from our flavours team attended the annual Sensory Science Group meeting at the Institute of Food Science and Technology. The conference is always a great way to keep in contact with sensory scientists within the industry and new sensory techniques and developments. The topic of this year was ‘a slice of sensory’, which focused on topics such as sensory methodologies, consumer psychology and their emotional responses to products. Talks were conducted by sensory professionals in the industry, such as Hannelize van Zyl from Heineken that presented a paper on ‘Facial expression of emotions: Practical considerations for consumer research’. 

It was Amy’s first meeting with the committee to see what is carried out at these conferences and further her sensory knowledge. She chose to join the committee after the 2014 conference which focused on topics that were relevant to our field of study:

  • Flavour pairings

  • A consumer study of Beer and Cheese,

  • Food & Cocktail Matching in association with Grey Goose.

Overall the conference was well received and staff from Cara will continue to attend future IFST events, to focus on always improving our methods and understanding of sensory science.


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