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We can help you solve your beer production problems faster - a team of internationally-experienced brewmasters and brewery consultants is at your disposal

We can help you prevent beer production problems through proactive systems design and training. Our consultants can diagnose the causes of your production and packaging problems, provide you with rigorous well-informed analysis, and guide you through the corrective actions you need to take in your beer production operations, packaging operations or supply chain. We consult for large and small breweries all over the world making lagers, ales, stouts, wheat beers, speciality beers, low-alcohol beers, and flavoured alcoholic beverages.

The Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory - helping brewing companies manage their brewery yeast supply chain - safe storage, culture supply and propagation since 1881

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We can provide you with regular cultures of your own brewery yeast from our ISO9001-accredited facilities, propagate it in sufficient volume to pitch your brewery yeast propagator and store your strain securely in our cryogenic storage facilities. We can test your brewery yeast to check purity, integrity and fermentation performance. And we can find you a new brewery yeast strain to produce a particular brand profile or better fit your equipment footprint.

Success in brewing requires great tasting skills – we make flavour standards and sensory software to help you find and develop the tasters you need

We can help you identify staff with the most potential for tasting, assess their aptitude, train them, and check their competence and skills. We supply a range of 56 reference beer flavour standards and four flavour standards kits, to generate positive notes, off-flavours and taints in your beers. Our award-winning software is used by hundreds of breweries to develop their brewery taste panels. Until now you could only buy our sensory products through resellers. Soon, you and more than 1,500 breweries that have been using our products for 15 years, will be able to buy them direct from our UK production facility.

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