Brewery yeast selection

Two approaches to yeast strain selection
1. Select candidate yeasts with the desired traits from within our own collection
2. Select clones and variants from within the customer’s existing yeast culture
What could a new brewing yeast do for you?
  • * Consistent colony morphology on indicator media
  • * Increased or reduced flocculation
  • * Higher ethanol tolerance
  • * Improved flavour (esters, sulphurs etc)
  • * Improved flavour stability (SO2)

A new brewing yeast could resolve problems of your existing yeast and provide a more stable approach to your brewing process. By using our yeast you could achieve the following things:
  • * Higher yields of alcohol from raw materials.
  • * Better attenuation control.
  • * Better diacetyl control.
  • * More sulphury / less sulphury beer.
  • * Lower beer pH / higher beer pH.
  • * More esters / less esters.
  • * More control over brewing yeast load to centrifuge.
  • * More control over brewing yeast load to filter.
  • * Get rid of contaminant wild yeasts in your brewing yeast culture.
  • * Get rid of contaminant bacteria in your brewing yeast culture.
  • * And more!