Taster Validation

Are your tasters as good as you think they are?
Everyone knows that taster competence is key to the success of any beer tasting program. But how can tasting skills be measured? The answer is to use the AROXA™ Taster Validation Scheme. Every two months we’ll provide an independent assessment of the ability of each of your tasters to identify individual flavours in beer and to rate their intensity. Our powerful performance monitoring software, SensCheck, will help you identify where you need to target your training, letting you make the most of the resources available to you.

The AROXA™ Taster Validation Scheme provides an independent, objective evaluation of taster competence with respect to sample evaluation. This scheme is suitable for brewers of all beer types, including lagers, ales, wheat beers and stouts.

Using TVS will improve your taste panel by analysing you in the following ways:
  • * The results are analysed through our sensory software system Senscheck™
  • * Our software provides you with a user friendly tool for powerful taster performance assessment, enabling analysis of all individual and panel Taster Validation Scheme results, with instant sharing of results

We currently have a Global Beer Scheme and two separate water schemes. Please enquire for more details.