Flavour standards

Cara Technology founder, Dr Bill Simpson, developed the world’s first stabilized flavour standards. For over 20 years they’ve been used by taste panel leaders all over the world to improve the performance of their professional taste panels.

Our certified flavour standards can be used to train your tasters to recognise and scale the intensity from our collection of more than 600 flavours. We develop flavour standards to be used in beer, cider, wine, water, soft drinks and a range of other food and beverages including spirits, ready meals and oils. Each flavour standard contains a precise quantity of powdered sensory-pure flavour material, nano-encapsulated in cyclodextrin for stability.

By using our AROXA™ Certified Flavour Standards, you can learn to recognise and scale positive flavours, off-flavours and taints
All of our flavour standards are manufactured in our ISO9001-accredited facility. Each batch of flavour standards is extensively and meticulously analysed to assure consistent flavour character and strength.

The flavours are assessed by being directly added to your product. Samples prepared in this way are then safe for tasters to smell and taste. These certified flavour standards are easy to use and require no specialist laboratory facilities. All you need is your product, clean bottles or flasks, some glasses and, of course, some tasters to evaluate the samples.

Our extensive range of certified flavour standards can help you develop the skills of your professional tasters. Rigorous quality assurance means consistent flavour character and strength every time. Competent, professional taste panels are an essential tool in the production of high quality foods and beverages. In today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to describe the flavour of products in objective terms, and to check their conformance with pre-defined quality standards is increasingly critical to commercial success.

We are adding flavours to our collection all the time so go to www.aroxa.com to find out more.