We have an extensive range of training courses tailored for your business.

Get the full potential from your staff now.

The integrity of your process depends on your people. After all, that's who runs your process. We can help you develop them to their full potential.

We can help you refine your market brief for the liquid, quickly produce prototype products for evaluation by stakeholders, then design and develop the process needed to produce it, including selecting a suitable yeast strain and other key raw material

  • Brewing science and technology trainingopen

    Our brewing science and technology training courses equip your brewers and quality management staff with the underpinning knowledge they need to do their jobs well. Courses are either of one or two weeks duration and are held at a site of your choice. Modern blended learning techniques are used to consistently deliver high quality results.

    We can customize a course to suit your needs. Over the past 15 years we have delivered more than 90 weeks of training to more than 1,500 brewers and brewing technologists. Many delegates have used the courses as preparation for the Diploma examinations of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, with considerable success.

  • Problem solving trainingopen

    Cara Technology has pioneered the application of systematic, group-based problem-solving techniques within the brewing industry. We can train you and your team to apply Root Cause Analysis like a pro. Our interactive courses can be configured in two ways. We can deliver the training in a role-play situation, having your trainees work on realistic model problems. Alternatively we can work on a 'live' problem in your brewery, training participants in the use of creative problem solving techniques as they need to use them.

    Courses can be configured to fit into 2, 5 or 10 days. Pre-course and post-course assignments ensure that attendees develop proficiency in successfully dealing with real brewery problems.

  • Yeast and fermentation trainingopen

    As experts in yeast and fermentation we understand the pivotal role that the fermentation process plays in determining beer quality and brewery productivity. Our interactive courses allow you to blend practice with theory. Courses can be tailored to help you develop a better understanding of your particular fermentation systems and practices, or kept more general for those who are using the training as preparation for professional examinations.

    Courses can be tailored to be as short as one day or as long as a week. On-site laboratory practicals and demonstrations can be used to develop skills and understanding.

  • Filtration and beer filterabilty trainingopen

    Beer filtration is often one of the rate-limiting steps in production, and sometimes the most problematic. Short run lengths, poor beer clarity, and hygiene problems can all result in beer being unavailable for packaging. The result? - lost efficiency both in the brewery and packaging hall. While some filtration problems have their origin in the filter room itself, most problems originate further upstream.

    Our three-day course develops your brewers' understanding of how filterabilty and beer quality are affected by raw materials, brewhouse practices, fermentation practices, yeast and yeast handling practices, beer maturation, and beer end-processing.

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