Our flavour standards are produced and tested in accordance with our DS | EN | ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system in facilities that conform to Pharma-GMP standards.

We use HACCP to manage risk and Lean for efficiency. We pride ourselves on delivering on specification first time, on time.

We have pride in the quality of all our products and people. We have certificates which we have held for many years accrediting our quality processes...

When it comes to quality management we try to follow our own advice - "eating our own dog food" as the saying goes.

We carry out a regular programme of internal audits, and welcome external audits by customers and third party auditors.

We try hard to be proactive in the areas of continuous improvement and root cause analysis. Every day we aim to get a little better at what we do.

Customer satisfaction surveys play a key role in driving improvements in our company. Staff training and development are also important for us in delivering high quality services to our customers.

We have been recognized as an Investor in People since 2001, evidence of our commitment to excellence in staff training and development.

* 6 European Trademarks
* 6 US Trademarks
* 3 European Registered Designs
* 3 US Design Patents
* 10 European Patents
* 12 US Patents
* Largest collection of brewing yeasts in the world

DS | EN | ISO 9001:2015 Our UK production and testing facilities
are certified to DS | EN | ISO 9001:2015
by SGS United Kingdom Limited.
INVESTORS IN PEOPLE Investors in People specialises in transforming
business performance through people.