Flavour training

Tasting skills can’t be left to chance. Pick the right people and provide the training they need. It’s quite easy, when you know how.
Our brewery consultancy team has pioneered the development of flavour training for brewery use. With beer production problems costing millions of dollars per brewery each year this is an area not to be overlooked. We use a systematic problem-solving technique which involve analysis of flavours, diagnosis of root cause, generation of potential solutions, risk analysis of those solutions, selection of the best solution for the circumstances, and loop closure to make sure the problem goes away and stays away.

We have a number of training courses which can be delivered:

  1. Quality assessment taster training course
  2. Descriptive profiling taster training course
  3. Taste panel leader development course

Our aims of our flavour training courses are to help you:

  • * Reliably tell one sample from another;
  • * Describe the differences between samples using industry standard flavor terms;
  • * Evaluate sample flavor quality and assign a quality rating to each of the samples using an evaluation form suited to all product styles;
  • * Develop your practical taste panel management skills allowing you to teach your colleagues the knowledge and skills you have acquired on this course.

Through our flavour training courses, you will learn a range of sensory tests, focusing largely on quality assessment and descriptive profiling. Training is delivered using our SensCheck® sensory management software. This allows us to analyze the performance of your assessors during training to ensure we achieve the best possible results. The results obtained on your training course can be benchmarked against the results of tasters from similar breweries in other parts of the world.

We will customize your training course to meet your requirements in relation to language, attribute names or other parameters. We have highly qualified and experienced multi-lingual staff available to support you in your training. Our taster training courses use AROXA™ certified beer flavour standards which are manufactured in our FDA-registered facility in Leatherhead, UK in accordance with our ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System. Our training courses are highly recommended by multi-National brewing, soft drinks, spirits, and food companies.

Our flavour training courses are customisable to your needs. They can range from three days to one week, and are adaptable to the current level of your tasters. If you have had no previous taster training, we are able to train your panel from the ground up. This course includes how to select a sensory panel and evaluate the aptitude of the tasters in your on-going training.