Brewing Yeast Strains

We can offer you the access to the largest collection of brewing yeasts in the world - 850 yeast strains collected, characterized and carefully preserved over almost 130 years. Our collection includes lager yeast, ale yeast, stout yeast, wheat beer yeast, specialty (Saccharomycodes) yeasts for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers, and yeasts for bottle conditioning, including Brettanomyces strains.

We supply nearly a ¼ of the brewing market with our brewing yeast
The world's largest collection of industrial brewery yeasts - ale, lager, stout, wheat beer and a range of specialist cultures. With 850 brewing yeast strains in our collection we have the yeast you need to bring a new lease of life to your beer. Revitalize your beer flavour. Super-charge your flavour stability. Invigorate your beer foam. With three major industrial collections of yeast strains for beer under our control, with some yeast strain dating back to the 1890s, we have a brewing yeast to fit almost any need. No matter what type of beer you're producing - lager, ale, wheat beer, stout or something else - we can select a yeast strain to give you the beer you want, made with the brewing equipment you have.