Whether it's training for brewing exams, assessing and analysing core competencies, or developing skills in problem management, flavour training, yeast and fermentation, or brewing microbiology, we've got it covered. Our training uses a 'blended learning' methodology, exploiting several different ways of learning. Our courses include pre-course work (delivered over the web), tutorials, group learning sessions, problem-solving sessions, practical sessions, including tastings, mind-mapping sessions, and plentiful checks for understanding - including - if you want them, formal exams.

Our Training Services

Success requires great tasting skills. We can help you identify staff with the most potential for tasting, assess their aptitude, train them, and check their competence and skills.
Cara Technology specialises in process consultancy for breweries. We carry out technical audits of brands, production methods, production activities, quality management activities and other aspects of brewery operations that impact on production including hygiene management and beer loss management.
Process problems cost the industry in excess of 200 million USD annually. Learn how to identify and solve the problems within your company.
Additional training in an extensive range of areas including yeast management and microbiological contamination prevention.