Val Simpson Head of Systems Development IT team

Joined: 2001

Qualifications: BSc Computing Science, University of Glasgow
Member of British Computer Society

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Located: Chippenham, England

Interests: Gardening, Singing and Reading

After my graduation in 1981, I chose to continue my passion for computing. For the past 30 years I have developed systems for various companies as an IT Contractor. During this period I have worked for companies such as Colt Telecoms and Total as head of systems. Over my career, I have been fortunate enough deliver business solutions to customers all over the world.

In 2001 I joined my husband, Dr Bill Simpson’s, business. However, I have been involved with the company since its creation. I decided that my experience in computing would be hugely beneficial to Cara Technology Limited.

We then embarked on the creation of the worlds first Taster Validation Scheme to test the brewing industry’s tasters. I led a team of talented developers to create this and developed a system that would support the scheme. Since then, I have gone on to develop numerous IT platforms to support our business. These range from our AROXA™ and Cara Technology websites to our sensory software SensCheck™.

My love of developing systems is both artistic and functional for the user. I spend most of my time permanently attached to my laptop and most of my time off thinking of coding. However, when I do have some time, I enjoy a nice porter.

My recent experiences have focused around delivering SensCheck™ around the world and promoting our company. My job continues to be exciting and it is a great pleasure getting up for work every day!

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