Brewery troubleshooting

Over 15 years we’ve fixed hundreds of brewing process problems, saving clients millions and helping them grow their sales. Every brewery has problems. Some are small, some large. The key to brewing success is an ability to choose which problems to tackle first and to systematically diagnose their causes. With knowledge of the cause, a solution is never far away, and steps can then be put in place to prevent a re-occurrence.

It all sounds easy! Why then do most breweries suffer from between 20 and 100 known problems at any one time with many more going undetected? Often the reason is simple – a lack of trained problem-solvers in the brewery. And an untrained problem-solver, taking the wrong steps to fix a problem, may create several new problems in the process.

Process problems cost the industry in excess of 200 million USD annually
The ability to prevent future beer production problems and deal with existing ones is an essential skill in the brewing operations of today.

We have pioneered the development of problem management systems and tools for application in the brewery environment. With production problems costing millions of dollars per brewery each year, this is a key area of business continuity which should not be overlooked.

We have helped breweries solve all kinds of process problems, including brewhouse yield problems, brewhouse cycle time and extract loss problems, brewery yeast problems, fermentability problems, fobbing problems, microbiological problems, problems with off-flavours and taints, flavour stability problems, and beer haze issues.