Yeast Supply

We can provide you with regular cultures from our yeast collection or your own brewery yeast from our ISO9001-accredited facilities, propagate it in sufficient volume to pitch your brewery yeast propagator and store your strain securely in our cryogenic storage facilities. Preparation of brewery yeast cultures, used to initiate yeast propagation in a single brewery or a group of breweries looks deceptively simple. Transfer a portion of culture from a master culture to make a daughter culture under axenic conditions, label them correctly, then transport them securely under temperature-controlled conditions to their destination. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, a lot!

Contamination of one or more of the yeast cultures with foreign microorganisms (yeast or bacteria), mutation of the brewery yeast, exposure of the brewery yeast cells to extreme conditions, growth on poor microbiological media, contamination of the yeast culture with non-food-grade substances and - perhaps worst of all - a complete mix of the brewery yeast culture, with the wrong strain of yeast being used. We've seen it all.

All of our yeast is ISO9001 accredited and stored on two separate sites
Our Alfred Jørgensen Collection can supply regular quality-assured cultures of your own brewing yeast. All brewery yeast cultures are fully traceable and tracked during shipping. Phytosanitary certificates and other forms of official documentation are also provided for all brewing yeast cultures produced by AJL. Before dispatching a brewing yeast culture to you we carry out a range of quality assessments, including: checks for foreign contaminants such as wild yeasts and bacteria, checks on yeast colony morphology to assure culture purity, checks on yeast flocculation performance to assure fermentation consistency and checks on DNA composition to assure yeast culture identity.