Amaey Mundkur becomes GABF Judge!


We are delighted to announce that Amaey Mundkur has been accepted to become a judge at the Great American Beer Festival.

This comes shortly after being accepted as a World Beer Cup judge!

The Great American Beer Festival is an annual event. GABF invites industry professionals from around the globe to participate in the competition. These professional judges can award bronze, silver and gold in each style category. However, they are not required to always give beers in that category recognition, particularly if they are faulty.

Five three-hour sessions take place over a three-day period. Over the course of the festival, 92 beer styles will be evaluated. The GABF awards are “among the most coveted in the industry and heralded by the winning brewers in their national advertising.”


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Amaey Mundkur is a Certified Cicerone© and a manager in our Business Development team. To learn more about Amaey and the role in our company, click here:


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