Cara hosts product presentation day for its new range of AROXA™ flavour standards

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Cara Technology has hosted a presentation day at its Leatherhead facility to unveil its new range of flavour standards to its staff and partners.

More than 40 people attended the event, including staff employed by Cara’s UK facility working in flavour standards development and production, flavour standards quality assurance, software development, software testing, hosting and support, yeast supply and testing, and process consultancy. Representatives from Cara’s Copenhagen yeast operation were also present. The Company’s Digital Design Agency, Packaging Design Consultants, and Packaging Manufacturers were on hand to explain the contribution they had made to the AROXA™ project. Cara’s PR agency – Energy PR helped to facilitate the day and explained the communication plan.

During the one-day event attendees were introduced to the AROXA™ product concept and had a chance to try out the company’s newly developed range of 18 flavour standards kits and almost 250 flavour standards. A website dedicated to the AROXA™ products was demonstrated. The company’s new tasting room, equipped with eight computerized booths running Cara’s SensCheck™ Sensory Analysis Software, was also made use of, with all staff having the opportunity to evaluate three beer samples using the system.

The event was a key part of Cara’s internal training programme as it aims toward supplying the market directly with its flavour standards and software after having only made such products available through resellers and agents in the past.

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