Young Scientists Symposium – Chico


This week was the 5th International Young Scientists Symposium on Malting, Brewing & Distilling. This year the bi-annual conference was held in Chico, California at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Delegates were invited to have in-depth tours of the brewery, as well as visits to a local monastery and a multi-course beer pairing dinner to top it all off.


The Young Scientists Symposium aims to target young researchers under the age of 35 for all over the globe. It aims to provide up and coming professionals in the industry with the latest knowledge and updates on “biology, chemistry, sensory science, engineering and other associated areas in malting, brewing and distilling”.

Charlie Bamforth beautifully displaying our bags!

We were the official sponsors of this years YSS, and produced this years attendees with some beautiful looking bags!


Throughout the conference, attendees were treated to tours of Sierra Nevada’s barrel aging programme, sampling the beer fresh from the brewery. In addition to Sierra Nevada’s hospitality, the conference featured many interesting talks on the up and coming developments in brewing, malting and distilling.


The conference was held in conjunction with UC Davis and academics from their brewing school. Overall, the conference was a great success, and enjoyed by all those that attended.




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