AROXA™ attends the 35th European Brewery Convention congress

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On the 24-28 of May this year, the AROXA™ team attended the European Brewery Convention congress in Porto, Portugal. The 35th biennial conference was held in Portugal for the third time. The European Brewery Convention, founded in 1958, provides a voice for breweries in Brussels and aims to represent the interests of Europe’s 5,000+ breweries.

The five day convention was attended by over 500+ individuals representing companies from all over the world, with varying nationalities and backgrounds. During the conference, delegates heard scientific and technical papers on recent developments in the industry. In addition, a trade show exhibition was held for attendees to meet industry suppliers and facilitators. 

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Out of the 5,000+ breweries in Europe, that brew an estimated 38 billion litres of beer a year, over 2,000 are customers of AROXA™ and Cara Technology. At this year’s European Brewery Convention, AROXA™ was represented by our young and enthusiastic sales team. During the conference, the team promoted a wide range of our products available to the industry. These included our certified beer and water flavour standards, taster validation system and sensory software. The AROXA™ team met with delegates both in and outside of the conference to discuss their sensory requirements and the designs of their sensory training programmes. This is usually dependent on the types of products they are producing, the size of their brewery groups and the level of experience that their taster trainers currently have.

In addition, the AROXA™ team held tasting sessions on a daily basis at their stand. In these sessions, they provided users with a chance to distinguish different variations of off-flavours and taints in beer. These mini workshops highlighted the need for  increased participation and knowledge of sensory training to support the 80 beer styles and 40,000 beer brands produced in Europe.


The European Brewery Convention defines itself in the terms of “facilitating knowledge creation, transfer and collaboration among partners, beer producers and academic organisations”. The convention aims to uphold the core values of the Brewers of Europe and promote their aims for the improvement of the industry for both the brewing sector and their consumers.

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