A-Design award for AROXA™ Flavour Standards packaging


We are pleased to announce that our design agency, Kinneir Dufort, has won the A-Design gold award for our AROXA™ Certified Flavour Standards packaging. The Golden A’ Design Award aims to highlight exemplary designs, design concepts and design-oriented products across a wide range of categories. Judged by a panel of three different juries composed of Academic, Professional and Focus Group Members, the designs are evaluated using score normalisation to remove any biases and are voted on aspects such as functionality, ergonomics, engineering, presentation, innovation, usability, fun details and technology. Each of these points is further weighted for different jury groups.

Talking about the gold award-winning project, designer Lucy O’Brien said, “Our brand and packaging design for Cara Technology’s range of flavour standards has established AROXA™ as the new brand in sensory taste testing. The AROXA™ logo – the Florox – represents a sensory explosion and reflects the distinctive placement of capsules within the primary pack. This strong relationship between the logo and product provides an iconic, scientific and ownable identity, whilst the introduction of a tray to hold each capsule in place improves protection for the capsules, enhances the user experience and increases the perceived value of the product.”

Read more about our product development with Kinneir Dufort here: http://www.kinneirdufort.com/work/industrial-and-scientific/cara-technology


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