Brewhouse extract loss

Brewhouse extract loss, or for those among us whose glass is half full rather than half empty, Overall Brewhouse Yield, is an important parameter to monitor for several reasons. In this post we’ll define what we mean by extract loss; discuss why it’s important, look at how it can be monitored, and consider how it can be optimized.

Brewhouse extract loss and Overall Brewhouse Yield

Overall Brewhouse Yield (OBY) is calculated by adding together all the extract contributions from brewing raw materials, including pale (base) malt, speciality malts, and adjuncts and dividing that number by the quantity of extract delivered into the wort produced from those materials.

Why is it important to measure brewhouse yield?

The cost of raw materials accounts for a significant proportion of beer production costs. Depending on the cost of labour and energy, extract from raw raw materials can comprise anything from 20% to more than 50% of beer production costs.

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