Cara hosts 5 day Practical Beer Taster Training Course at Cicerone® in Chicago

Dr Bill Simpson teaching the class in Chicago

On the 12th October 2015, we hosted a Taster Training Course at the Certified Cicerone® offices in Chicago. During this week Dr Bill Simpson taught over 20 delegates how taste 30 off flavour’s and taints in beer. Delegates learnt about the origins of the flavours found in beer and in what part of the brewing and manufacturing process they could occur. The first three days of the course focused on tasting techniques and how to identify these flavours in all styles of beer. The attendees were tested after each round through rank rating tests, stop-go tests, true/false tests and recognition tests. All the flavours in the course were demonstrated using our AROXA™ Certified beer flavour standards.

The class participating in a recognition test
The class participating in a recognition test


The last two days of the course were focused on ‘train the trainer’. This meant teaching the attendees how they could run their own training courses and sensory panels using our flavour standards and technigues. They were also shown how they could analyze this information. We demonstrated our SensCheck™ Sensory Software to show how their tasters and sensory panels in their breweries could be analyzed. We also gave advice on how to select a professional taste panel and what criteria they must have to be a good taster. Through SensCheck™ tasters can log the data of their whole brewery or sensory panel, and select individuals based on accurate data compiled on our web-based software.IMG_1720

This course has a particular focus on the growing market of craft beer in the US. Delegates came from all over the craft beer industry, from breweries such as New Belgium, Avery and Lagunitas. The course was very well recieved, with the attendees finishing with an average result of 84.2% over the five days. The course was also attended and participated in by three colleagues from Cara, Amaey Mundkur, Craig Thomas and Cara Simpson.

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